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Winpisinger IAMAW Memorial

Winpisinger, MD
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Picture This On Granite | Winpisinger IAMAW Memorial


PG Certified® Black Granite Tablets


PG Certified® Black Granite Descriptive Tablets


PG Certified® Black Granite Top Caps


PG Certified® Grey Granite Bench Tops


PG Certified® Black Granite Bench Bases


PG Certified® Black Granite 50” Diameter Statue Base


PG Certified® 12” Black Granite Military Insignias

From Concept to Reality

The recently finished structure incorporates multiple symbolic features. The base of it is exactly 21 feet in width, representative of the 21-gun salute, the United States’ presidential and international salute.

Poppy flowers, Canada’s Remembrance Day symbol, are planted at the sides of the monument.

The crests of each individual branch of the U.S. military and a special, custom crest representing the branches of the Canadian Armed Forces are prominently displayed across the monument’s wall.

An impressive bronze flame statue will sit at the monument’s center, emblematic of an eternal flame used by many nations to symbolize the soul of those who have served, like the John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame in Arlington National Cemetery.

IAM locals, districts and members contributed funds to build the monument.

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