American Made Medallions and Insignias

Honoring all who served

Let our experienced design and project managers assist you in choosing amongst a wide array of materials to display your military insignias on your Veterans and Military Memorial Project.

Our American Made Military Insignia’s are available in Cast Bronze, Full Color Cast Aluminum, Stainless steel, Sandblasted and paint filled or via PGHD laser engraving.

Military cast bronze insignia
Honoring all who served


US army cast bronze insignia
example of US Army cast bronze military insignia


US Marine Corps cast bronze military insignia design


US Navy cast bronze insignia
example of United State Navy cast bronze military insignia


US Air Force Cast Bronze Insignia
US Army cast bronze military insignia design


US Coast Guard cast bronze military insignia design
example of US Army cast bronze military insignia design

Die-cut Medallions

A wide array of custom military die cut medallions for the United States and Canadian Military branches and war era’s, are available. Contact us to find out more.

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Benefits & Design Opions

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Weather resistant
  • Chemical patina finish
  • Traditional appearance
  • Background textures
  • Unique fonts
  • Background patterns
  • Hand­carved details
  • Graphic illustrations
  • Historic portraits
  • Famous quotes and stories
  • Bronze relief maps
  • Honor unique histories and events
  • Encourage community pride and foster local identity
  • Create local landmarks
  • Promote tourism
  • Educate and guide visitors through public spaces






Bronze and Granite

Adding Bronze to one of our custom designed memorial monuments, adds depth, texture and a beautiful accent piece to any project. We work and order from the leading bronze foundry in the United States and we offer a wide array of products that can be added to any of our designs. You have the choice of Bronze Military insignia’s, soldier’s crosses, custom plaques as well as personalized items.

Bronze Military insignias and medallions

PG Memorials is proud to offer US and Canadian Military Bronze insignia’s to commemorate our Nation’s heroes. American Made Bronze medallions and insignia’s offer a beautiful contrast and depth when combined with PG Memorials designs. Using PGHD laser etching, HD Sandblasting and Bronze, we add a distinct element of refined quality to our everlasting, natural stone memorials.

Sizing and Colors

Give us a call or send us an email about the size you may need. Military Medallions start at 5″ in diameter. Let our knowledgeable and dedicated project coordinators assist you in your design process. Working within your budget and location, we can build a memorial for your community that will last for generations to come.

Available Materials

The combination of different substrates such as Granite, Bronze, Cast ALuminum, along with multiple granite finish options and colors, is truly what makes a PG Memorial worthy of the heroes it honors. Every Monument is unique, just like the communities it represents.


Our project managers will be with you every step of the way, from start to finish

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Our Mission is to design and build turnkey memorials that are worthy of the heroes they honor.

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