Torrington City Hall Fallen Soldiers Wall Mural
Torrington, CT

From Concept to Reality

The City of Torrington, CT celebrated the dedication of its Veterans Memorial Wall in 2010. Originally conceived as only one segment of the City Hall renovation, the Veterans memorial became the most defining element of the renovation project.

Relocated from a second floor corridor, the veterans memorial wall feature was given prominence at the main entrance of the building in the design of a specially constructed granite alcove. This new architectural feature required special design expertise to ensure compatibility with building and safety codes as well as existing historical architectural features.

The architectural firm Friar and Associates worked closely with the Municipal renovation committee to achieve this goal with the collective efforts of O&G Industries and various subcontractors, including Picture This on Granite.


Solid Black PG Certified® granite panels

The alcove design features a twelve foot central entry wall made from three 4×8 foot panel sections that have been capped on all sides. The front of the panels feature eight PGHDTM laser etched and hand painted military seals as well as the city’s municipal seal, and informational plaques. The interior of the alcove is composed of 3 wall sections that have been faced with one-hundred 18x23x ¾” granite panels. Each of the panels has been high definition laser etched to include the names of five-thousand Torrington veterans, listed alphabetically and categorized by conflict. Attached to the wall using stainless steel screws with black plated caps, the panels can be easily removed and added to in the future.

Built with three 4’x7’x ¾” granite panels that have been capped on all sides, the backside of the central wall features a laser etched mural depicting the famous flag raising on Iwo Jima during World War II.

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96 Solid Black PG Certified® granite plaques

The flanking panels feature ninety-six 4×4” granite plaques with brass stars that have been pinned and epoxied to the panels to represent all of the Torrington veterans killed in action. Underneath the panels, metal studded plywood frames have been capped with granite panels to create custom design shelves and a dedication plaque.

Requiring nearly a year of coordination between Friar Associates, O&G Industries and Picture This On Granite, the granite materials were cut and provided by Rouleau Granite of Stanstead, Quebec. The installation of the granite components for the project was managed by Bernie La Jeunesse, Picture This On Granite and Mike Garneau of W.J. Mountford Co.

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