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Granite Corporate Items, Signs & Signage

Create an inspiring focal point

Personalized natural stone can help you create an inspiring focal point within your place of work, a true representation of your companies brand and mission.

The meticulous process of etched granite is guaranteed to suffuse your hotel lobby, wall mural, floor inlay, room divider, signage and more with an air of elegance and sophistication. An entire host of applications is available.

Custom signs and corporate signage today deliver your institution’s message in a professional and highly distinct way

Tap into the unparalleled beauty and durability of one of the earth’s oldest natural resources. Take advantage of the versatility of granite to meet all of your corporate signage needs. Whether for a government building, a memorial or a museum, from healthcare facilities to libraries, at Picture This On Granite, our unique laser-etched techniques are guaranteed.


Let us help you create it!

There are a lot of choices when it comes to your corporate items and signage, but not everyone can ensure sustainability, and a turn key solution. We can offer you 3D renderings and samples to help you in your planning and vision.

As a North American leader of this technology, our PGHD® process enables even the minute details of a design to be reproduced on stone – enabling you to incorporate a creative and unique element into the design of any corporate office.


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We are proud of our team, our corporate culture, and that emotion is apparent in everything we deliver to our family of clients.