Station Fire Memorial Park
Warwick, RI

Workers finalize details at a memorial in West Warwick, R.I., on Friday, May 19, 2017, at the site of The Station nightclub fire that killed 100 and injured more than 200 people in 2003. The memorial is scheduled to open during a ceremony Sunday. (AP Photo/Michelle R. Smith)

From Concept to Reality

On Thursday, February 20, 2003 the lives of 100 precious angels were lost at the Station Nightclub. At approximately 11:07 many lives were changed forever. The mission of The Station Fire Memorial Foundation is to ensure that loved ones receive a proper memorial upon the sacred ground where their lives were so tragically cut short. We will remember 02-20-03.-Courtesy the Station Fire Memorial Foundation


Memorial Gardens

Individual memorials to the 100 victims are nestled within these dozen circular areas divided between the Eastern and Western walkways bordering each side of the park. Centered within each garden is a stone bench. The design allows those walking through the park to comfortably pass behind those visitors who wish to sit and reflect on a single memorial.

Individual Monuments

Placed along the circumference of each circle are 8 to 10 individual monuments. Engraved polished granite commemorates each victim with his or her name and date of birth. Some visitors may recognize the general shape of these monuments that, like many of the park’s features, has been purposely designed to reflect the love of music shared by so many of the victims. Each monument will also contain its own lighting source to offer soft illumination after dusk.


The Commemorative Walkway

Passing under the gate, visitors move directly ahead to the elevated courtyard and pavilion along the memorial walkway or turn onto one of the two paths leading to the Memorial Gardens. The walkway is paved with thousands of commemorative bricks purchased by friends, families and loved-ones to support the construction costs of the memorial.

The Gathering Court

A circular courtyard, 34 feet in diameter, is situated in the geographical center of the site, set directly in front of the Memorial Shelter. Paved in bluestone, this area becomes the ideal place to bring visitors together so they can share in the experience. During special events the area can accommodate food services and overflow space for events held at the Shelter.


The Memorial Steps

Divided between either side of the Gathering Court will be a total of 8 steps. Each step will be dedicated to a group that played an important role in the tragedy and contain a quote, carved into the step, representing that unique group.

  1. The Survivors
  2. The First Responders
  3. The Caregivers
  4. The Volunteer