MCHS Vietnam Memorial Monuments
Midwest City, OK

Granite Slates and Plaques - MCHS Vietnam Memorial Monuments Midwest City, OK

From Concept to Reality

The purpose of this project was to build a permanent upright memorial, on campus, to recognize the sacrifice of all Midwest City High School students and graduates who served their country and community, with special recognition of the 22, listed on the “Wall of Honor” that paid the ultimate sacrifice, in Vietnam. The Bomber Plaza will also honor Bombers who gave their all in the OKC Bombing and Operation Iraqi Freedom. We owe each of these classmates and fellow Bombers a debt of gratitude that can never be fully repaid. That is why we ask you to think of the freedoms that you and your loved ones enjoy today - then join us as a sponsor of the Midwest City High School Vietnam Memorial and Bomber Plaza.-Courtesy the Vietnam Memorial Bombers Vietnam Memorial

Twenty-two Bombers killed in action in Vietnam

The goal of the MCHS Vietnam Memorial Project Committee is to remind both past and future generations of the hope, the dedication and the commitment of these students. This Vietnam Memorial Wall of Honor and Bomber Plaza will remind the community and students that there are times when citizens are called upon to set aside their own comfort and self-interest and serve a cause greater than ourselves. The MCHS Vietnam Memorial names and faces will remind us of those Bombers who did just that and will show our gratitude to them. It will forever provide a reminder to future generations of Bombers and visitors to the Midwest City High School campus that we have a collective responsibility to defend the American way of life and the freedoms we too often take for granted. -Courtesy the Vietnam Memorial Bombers Vietnam Memorial