Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
Anchorage, AK

From Concept to Reality

An existing Park cement base was given new life through the re-facing of this cement base. The memorial needed to be restored and the portrait of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was PGHDTM laser etched into the granite to perfectly create the effect of reality.

This memorial dedicated on 06/20/12, in Anchorage, Alaska, will forever be a place where those who wish to pay homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and reflect on his messages.

Once professionally crated by our team, this Memorial was successfully shipped by truck approximately 7,000 kilometers,4,300 miles to Anchorage Alaska, where it was installed. In fact, we have shipped to the Middle East and Hawaii, which gives us the confidence to handle your project.


Solid Black PG Certified® Premium black granite tablets

A total of 3 Premium Black Granite panels, measuring respectivly 3’5”/2’10” (L)x 5’0”(D) x ¾”(H) polished face and sides, 3’3”/ 2’10” (L)x 4’0”(D) x ¾”(H) polished face and sides and 2’9”/1’7” (L)x 4’0”(D) x ¾”(H) polished face and sides, were assembled to create this beautiful memorial.

The memorial also includes a brick plaza, the bronze panels and a bust of Dr. King, all designed to inspire visitors to reflect on Dr. King’s message and mission. The signs tell the story of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life with quotes and historical photos. The placards are positioned on a concrete oval behind a statue of King that was part of the original monument.

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