Key West Living Vietnam Memorial Wall
Key West, FL

Black granite slabs & tablets - Key West Living Vietnam Memorial Wall Key West, FL

PG Certified® Black Granite Slabs

PG Certified® Black Granite Tablet

From Concept to Reality

Key West Citizen Veterans wished to establish a Vietnam Living Memorial at Bayview Park to honor all individuals that were either born in Key West or lived in Key West, and served in Vietnam prior to the Vietnam War’s official end date of 30 April 1975.

The Memorial Park will also recognize the names of all Key West and Florida Keys servicemen who died during the Vietnam War.It is anticipated the Park will also include a designated future space for Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Middle East conflicts.The Memorial Park design, donated pro-bono by Bender & Associates Architects, P.A. and Little John Engineering Associates outlines what an inspiring interactive healing site the well landscaped grounds will be. The Memorial Wall and Garden will commemorate, honor, and respect those who gave so much, and will serve as a positive connection between the soldier and society.

- Courtesy of The Vietnam Living Memorial