Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial Monuments
Middletown, CT

Visitors - Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial Monuments Middletown, CT

3’ Tall PG Certified® Barre Grey Granite Pedestals

12”x9” PG Certified® and PGHD Laser Etched Black Granite Plaques

From Concept to Reality

A small core of dedicated and hard working individuals came together to bring the dream of this beautiful Memorial tribute to fruition over the past six years with the help of many caring and generous donors and volunteers, including the support of the City of Middletown and the State of Connecticut.

This beautiful Memorial serves as a serene and reflective space to reminisce and reflect as one walks the path of heroes. The Memorial also serves to educate visitors and is a stately and expansive design fitting to hold ceremonies and programs. The valiant courage, bravery, and selflessness of our Connecticut men and women who served and sacrificed will never be forgotten. This Memorial is a permanent tribute to forever honor and remember their unselfish devotion, patriotism, heroism, service and sacrifice. We can never repay all they have stood for and done in the name of freedom.

Hero Trees 65 flowering trees are planted for 65 fallen heroes encircling a large, aerated reflecting pond created for the Memorial design. The hero trees are the focus of this Memorial, planted as a tribute to the lives given but still very much alive in our hearts – Dogwood, Okame Cherry, Spring Snow Crabapple and Thundercloud Plums, planted in waves throughout the design. Hero Monuments In front of each hero tree stands a 3’ tall, square gray, granite monument quarried in Vermont and topped with a polished, black granite, laser etched plaque bearing the image, branch of service and personal information for each CT service member lost in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Walkway Approximately ¼ mile in distance from the Entrance Plaza and circling back, the 10’ wide, paved, handicapped accessible, winding, brick paver walkway allows visitors to easily see and access each hero tree and monument. Twelve, black steel benches bearing donor plaques are situated along the Memorial walkway.