Memorial Parks

Veteran and Civic Memorial Parks

Sometimes it’s a new, custom designed veterans memorial to recognize the bravery and valor of our most recent wars and heroes abroad, or it may be to replace or refurbish an existing monument or veterans memorial within the memorial park.

Memorial Parks are recognized as a place for the community and visitors to congregate, hold events and recognize their community members with a veterans memorial or civic memorial.


Our veteran memorial parks are designed for families and veterans

Picture This On Granite has helped in raising awareness, and working with communities, Legions, Gold and Blue Star families, across North America, to help breathe new life and designs into recently established and existing veterans memorial parks.

These veteran memorial parks are designed with families, and veterans accessibility in mind, allowing for young and old to take advantage of all the park has in terms of areas of reflection, paths for walking and cycling, facilities and most importantly, symbolic veterans memorials and civic monuments, to remember our fallen and pay tribute to those currently serving. These community members who made a difference, will never be forgotten. Memorial parks often hold an important role in educating and providing a reminder of our past, they are the foot print of past generations.

We design, build, deliver and install Granite Monuments & Granite Memorials across North America.


Featured Memorial Park Projects

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