Materials and Finishes old

Here are a variety of materials Picture This On Granite can laser etch on.

Also, all of our natural stones are sealed with the best Sealers to preserved their everlasting beauty from weathering, which are applied prior to our customers receiving them. We also offer all of our products for after sale care.

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The flecked look of granite is caused by the presence of mica, quartz and feldspar which produces different size grains, colors and swirls, which gives this material such charisma. It is not affected by erosion or climatic changes and is therefore the perfect material for exterior applications such as granite signage and memorials. It is also resistant to mold and mildew. Their lasting durability assures it will be there for years to come. Black granite is best for laser etching HD images while colored granite such as green, red and blue is great for logos and text.


The various processes of pressure and crystallization this material is subjected to, create a wide range of tones with different veinings and fleck, transforming it into a quality material which can easily be adapted to the needs of every project. Marble traditionally features swirls and “veins” of colors, while granite has a more flecked or pebbled appearance. It also generally comes in lighter colors versus granite and is perfectly suited for interior applications when laser etched due to its softness, its strength, shine, durability and porous grain.


We find the first examples of the durability and magnificent decorative qualities of travertine in ancient Rome, where the monuments and temples were built with this natural stone. Similar to marble, travertine comes in lighter cream colors such as white, tan, cream, and even rust colored varieties. Travertine is best for laser etching logos and wording, not images. Being a very porous material, it is often more vulnerable to absorption. We recommand it for interior applications such as commercial and corporate spaces, work centers or residential areas.

Glass, Stainless Steel and Other Materials and Substrates

Picture This On Granite can also laser etch on other substrates and materials, such has Glass, Stainless Steel, Cast Aluminium, Wood, Polycarbonates and more.

We can also do other types of stone and colors, although generally darker, smaller grain material works best.