Hillsborough’s Veterans Memorial Park, FL

Picture This On Granite was honored to help build several memorials in Hillsborough’s Veterans Park in Tampa, Florida. Many granite monuments such as the Spanish-American War Memorial, the Committed Forces Walk Memorial, the Iraq Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial can now be admired throughout the Park.

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Hillsborough Veterans Memorial Park – Committed Forces Walk

The latest addition to the Hillsborough’s Veterans Park from Picture This On Granite, is the Committed Forces Walk who was unveiled on March first 2014. For this monument, 1/2 inch laser etched black granite plaques were installed on 26 inch x 14 inch x 36/21 inch slants pedestals also built by Picture This On Granite creating a spectacular circular plaza.

Download the Committed Forces Walk Memorial PDF

Hillsborough Veterans Memorial Park – Iraq Memorial

For the Iraq Memorial, a T-Wall used in Iraq to protect soldiers from gunshots and explosions was already erected in the Hillsborough’s Veterans Park. Picture This On Granite had the mandate to embellish the back of the T-Wall and to honor the soldiers who fought in Iraq by installing 86 engraved black granite plaques of various sizes.

Download the Iraq Memorial PDF

Hillsborough Veterans Memorial Park – Spanish-American War Memorial

For the Spanish-American War Memorial, Hal Youmans, a member of the committee of volunteers working with the Parks, Recreation and Conservation Department within Hillsborough County, Florida, imagined 16 engraved granite plaques of 24 inch x 18 inch x 1/2 inch thick, two laser etched circular sign panels and a large circular world map to glorify the courage of the Spanish-American War Soldiers. The monument was completed and unveiled by summer 2013.

Download the Spanish-American War Memorial PDF

What our clients had to say…

Thank you for your professionalism, timeliness, and superior quality product! Picture this on Granite played a massive role in completing the memorial in time for the dedication. I am truly grateful. »

– Mark Goujon, Veterans Memorial Park Museum Committee