Granite Benches

Granite Benches for your Memorial

Customized Granite Benches

Our in house graphic designers will ensure your design, image and text are perfectly portrayed, using PGHD® laser etching techniques. Realistic pictorial images, not a line image drawing, are always assured by our team. Our granite benches can also be used for fundraising and will make the perfect addition to any memorial or monument as a reflection area.


Low maintenance

Granite and Natural Stone has been used for centuries as a durable and resilient substrate across all forms of Architecture. Give your environment a prestigious look, by using this beautiful, affordable and very low maintenance laser engraved granite bench.

Just like all of Picture This On Granites’ projects, should you require an assembly or installation team, we can provide those services as well! Our certified, bonded and insured installers, are there every step of the way. A turnkey service, is what we are all about.


Featured Granite Benches

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