Granite Company

We are a Granite Company who Designs, Builds, Delivers and Installs Granite Projects, Veterans Memorials and Civic Monuments, across North America

Let us inspire you! We can work alongside your concept and show you how personalized granite will enhance the overall image and stature of your project and make it uniquely yours.

Tap into one of the most durable and highly recognizable high end building substrates on earth. Take advantage of the versatility of Granite to meet all of your Veterans Memorial, Civic Monuments or Corporate Signage and Items needs.

Whether for a Government building, a Memorial or a Museum, from healthcare facilities to libraries, our graphic designers create and modify the chosen imagery and text using the latest laser etching and engraving techniques. We will ensure your involvement in every step of the process, in order to arrive at the ultimate PGHD® laser etched result.