Granite Military Monument USA

Granite Military Monument USA

Offer a lasting and majestic tribute to soldiers and veterans with our customized granite military memorials, benches or plaques. We offer you a complete turnkey solution that includes design, laser etching, construction, shipping, installation, repair & restoration. Call us for a free quote and ask us about our prices and services. Get fast shipping and installation everywhere in the United States!

A granite military monument : the most timeless tribute for soldiers, veterans and war heroes!

Whether they are in the Air Force, the Navy Seals, the US Coast Guards and the US Army, all soldiers, veterans, and war heroes deserve to be recognized in a way that transcend time, memory, and death. We offer you this amazing opportunity to honor the sacrifice and courage of military men and women by creating a custom granite military monument with pictures, lettering, message and inscriptions of your choice, engraved in top-quality granite, coming in a variety of colors and finishes so that their bravery and stories are forever remembered.

  • US Army Military Monument
  • US Coast Guard Military Monument
  • Air Force Military Monument
  • US Veteran Military Monument
  • Navy Military Monument
  • National Guard Military Monument

Our services

For almost two decades, our team has created numerous granite monuments and perfected its art on granite, one of Earth’s most prized stones (harder than marble). Everyday, we put our craftsmanship and talent at your service to create personalized military monuments and memorials that will keep soldiers and veterans’ memory alive forever. Our skilled artisans have developed the most advanced laser etching and sandblasting to achieve even your pictures’ tiniest details, intricate lettering and inscriptions on granite, so that it stays there without chipping or fading. As a granite memorial company, we commit into providing you with the most complete turnkey solution, from design to installation in the location of your choice. Our engagement doesn’t end once we have done the installation. If your granite military memorial needs cleaning, repair, and restoration, you can contact us and our team will do it for you.

  • Design / Conception
  • Laser Etching
  • Lettering / Inscription
  • Sandblasting
  • Construction
  • Shipping
  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Restoration


If you have questions related to our granite military monument, our prices, our techniques, or our services, we invite you to contact us. Our team will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need. Call us for a free quote and obtain fast shipping everywhere in the United States!