A Very Merry Christmas to all from the PG Team

A little bit about Christmas and the Origins of Santa Claus

You probably know that Christmas is celebrated on December 25. In North America, families vintage santa claus for Christmasdistribute gifts that Santa Claus left under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Many attend church services on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, and later gather for Christmas dinner with extended family.

Al thought Christmas Day commemorates Jesus’birth, do you know that most of the traditional customs of Christmas, such as gift giving, tree decorating, light hanging, and feasting, come from sources other than the Church?

The historical roots of Santa Claus come from many sources. The earliest known inspiration for the legend comes from the fourth century in the form of Saint Nicholas of Myra, a Greek Christian figure known for his generosity to the poor.

Mentions of Santa Claus types of figures appear in Germanic lore and various northern European religions that thrived before Christianity took hold. The American version of Santa Claus seems to have originated from a Dutch legend about Sinter Klaas, which settlers brought to America in the seventeenth century. Americans embraced the idea of Santa Claus, who was said to deliver gifts to good boys and girls on Christmas Eve.

To many Americans, Santa Claus embodies the spirit of giving. To celebrate the nature of Santa Claus during the Christmas holidays, many people not only give gifts to loved ones, but they also donate time and money to charities.


The Picture This On Granite team would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas filled with joys and time spent with your loved ones. Remember; it’s the little things that matter most! Enjoy the Holidays.

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