One of a kind Memorial Wall will be build in Kingston, ON

A Permanent new granite Memorial Wall to remember all Canada’s fallen soldiers is coming to the city of Kingston, ON.

As a partner in the design, manufacturing and installation of this groundbreaking Canadian War Memorial, Picture This On Granite would like to thank all those whom entrusted our team to make this memorial a reality. We work everyday, across North America, with committees, mothers, fathers, veterans and associations in an effort to ensure those who made the ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten. It is our privilege and duty to assist those whom have lost those honorable service men and women, in recognizing their contribution through these memorials that we help create. This will truly be a beautiful place of reflection honoring our fellow Canadians and we could not be more proud to be a part of it.

Kingston ground breaking

It will be called “The wall of remembrance Project”, honoring the names of fallen soldiers in all conflicts of record, dating back nearly 200 years, even before Canada was a nation.

Inside the building will be four, 8-foot pillars — with a series of images depicting past battles and other notable events from 10 different eras.

And though most of Canada’s war dead are buried abroad, organizers say this marker is a way to honor their service and sacrifice, and bring them closer to home.

Kingston ground breaking

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