Bishop's University commemorates Students with Memorial Plaques

Remember how you entered, be proud of how you leave

When you walk through Bishop’s University campus you can admire the beauty of the historical buildings but you can also view granite Memorial Plaques commemorating important  individuals who contributed to the community and who studied at Bishop’s.

For this project, Picture This On Granite laser etched and installed many granite Memorial Plaques through out the campus making a short stroll an occasion to remember the people who marked Bishop’s history.

About Bishop’s University

Bishop’s University is a predominantly undergraduate university in Sherbrooke, Qc, Canada. Bishop’s is one of three universities in the province of Quebec that teach primarily in the English language (the others being McGill University and Concordia University, both in Montreal). The university shares a campus with its neighbor, Champlain College Lennoxville, an English language public college. It remains one of Canada’s few primarily undergraduate universities.

Established in 1843 as Bishop’s College, the school remained under the Anglican church’s direction from its founding until 1947. Since that time, the university has been a non-denominational institution. Bishop’s University has graduated fifteen Rhodes Scholars.