Another way we ensure Quality

From Crating and Packaging…

At Picture This On Granite, we carefully package and crate all of our products to ensure their safe arrival to their intended destinations. Our combined 75 years of experience in the crating, shipping and delivery of natural stone ensures our clients peace of mind.

Depending on the stones requirements, such as thickness, height and weight, determines the type of quality handmade crate that will be built when shipping our clients project to their location. Wood, Styrofoam and bubble wrap are all used to ensure that no Granite pieces are damaged during the shipping, either in Canada or the U.S..

 …to Shipping and Installing

Our 6000 square foot fully equipped facility is located a half mile from the U.S. Vermont border. This permits us to ship daily to our U.S. clients. We have a track record of not just promising but delivering quality, on time, laser etched granite and engraved stone.

Did you know that Picture This On Granite also provides an installation service? Our complete installation service combined with our bonded, insured and experienced installers, ensures a professional turnkey project experience.

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