Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial

Connecticut Tree of Honor Memorial

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Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial is dedicated to constructing this living-trees memorial at Veterans’ Memorial Park on Walnut Grove Road in Middletown, CT. This Honor Memorial will honor all veterans and especially those with ties to Connecticut. It will encompass a beautifully designed space that will include a tree planted for each of Connecticut’s heroes who gave their life serving in the most recent wars. We are determined to make this a serene, reflective space where families, friends and visitors can be reminded of the valiant courage, bravery, and selflessness of our Connecticut men and women who served and sacrificed.

The Honor Memorial will serve as a lasting record of the unselfish devotion to duty and an inspiration to future generations visiting the park. It is a part of our mission to support the families of the fallen and also the veterans who have returned and carry the memories of their fallen comrades.

Located in Veterans Memorial Park in Middletown, CT the Honor Memorial is composed of two unique sculptures and a ring of 65 trees with sitting areas. Each tree is uniquely dedicated to each of our Fallen Heroes with PG certified® grey Granite Slants measuring 36 inches high with a black granite plaque adhered to the facade, engraved by Picture This On Granite with a photo. A reflective place to be sure but a place that is also meant to be alive with honor.

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