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and Evaluation

We work with our customers to define their needs, offer ideas based on years of experience and to ensure the outcome reflects the vision that each client has in mind. We mutually determine a customized product that meets the clients’ time frame and budget. If you would like to have information specific to your project contact us today



We can help our clients bring their own ideas to life, we can work with their existing plans, or offer a concept that suits their needs from our extensive design library.

of stone

At Picture This On Granite, our process is different and unique. We select, test and certify our granite to insure only the clearest images are achieved. This is known as PG Certified Granite®.  We work with black granite because it is recognized as a high-end natural substrate by architects and designers, it is a green product and provides the best contrast quality for the creation of images and/or text.


Laser Etching

Picture This on Granite uses Co2 lasers controlled by a CNC machine, to laser etch high-definition images on granite using a proprietary process known as PGHD®. We specifically measure and control variables such as stone temperature and 16 other measurable variables, to ensure only the highest quality results. Unique parameters are specific to each project, which enables us to control the entire laser etching process, obtaining unsurpassed results.

Combining PGHD Laser Etching, Bronze and Sandblasting

At PG we want to help create and deliver Monuments and Memorials that truly are worthy of the heroes they honor. By combining different granite finishes, PGHD® Laser Etching of images, Cast Aluminum lettering, Bronze insets and Sandblasting, we truly have the ability to produce state of art Memorials that are reflective of the times we live in and will be around for generations to come.


Shipping, crating
& packaging

Laser engraving, or laser etching, which is different from laser marking, is the practice of using lasers to engrave stone or other substrates. Laser marking, on the other hand just discolors the surface, without cutting into the surface. The technique does not involve the use of inks, nor does it involve tool bits which contact the engraving surface and wear out.


We have the ability to provide a turnkey project complete with installation services. Our bonded, insured and experienced installers ensure peace of mind, and a complete project experience.